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Unlimited Creator Academy

If you're an ambitious artist with a heart for the community who believes you are meant for greatness, you already know that in order to create more freedom, money and a bigger impact you need to show up in a different way.

But like many of my clients you may be thinking, “is it really worth sacrificing my time in the studio or being away from family to go for this dream?”

The answer is YES, it’s so worth it – AND no sacrifices are required, only your full commitment to your vision.

Program dates August 1-October 30, 2023

Your Own Art Show

Learn to design, plan, and book your art exhibition in just four weeks!

There is nothing like showcasing your work in person. Developing your own exhibition is the fastest way to exhibit your art and be seen instead of waiting to be chosen by a gallery.

While museums take years to put together an exhibition, you have the advantage of doing this in a matter of weeks. If you are ready to design your own show then this program is for you.

Created by Ekaterina Popova and Gita Joshi.

Available today!

Artist Navigation Course

Rise and go from feeling lost at sea, frustrated, and burnt out to becoming the true captain of your art career.

This work will help you fall in love with your art and business, create more financial consistency and as a result, you will spend more time doing what you love (creating that beautiful art of yours!) and inspire others to do the same.

What you will get:
• 12 weeks of brand new live training
• Coaching topics covering the essentials you need from building confidence, releasing fear and productivity guilt to powerful sales and social media strategies that Kat used to build her business over the past 7 years
• Workbooks and homework for each module
• Access to previous Q&A video sessions
• Supporting resources
• Lifetime access

Before I joined the art queens I was doubting myself as an artist and experiencing imposter syndrome, becoming part of this community showed me this is something every artist experiences and being surrounded and inspired by so many talented female artists that are so passionate about what they are doing really helped me grow in confidence and take my creative business to the next level. I discovered various different ways to make money from my business and pushed myself to enter open calls, and submit to galleries.“
Member of Art Queens
"Since joining the Art Queens, I have grown and become more confident as an artist. I love the encouragement from other queens as we journey together through the art world."
Megan Rae
Member of Art Queens
"It's been a year now, since I joined the Art Queens and it has been a life-changing experience. It was my first year as a full time artist and I initially joined to learn how to market my art, but I have gained so much more. In addition to the true friendships from likeminded women who believe that we rise by lifting others, I have grown from a newbie artist to a real Queen."
Member of Art Queens
"Other professions have community. But artists often work in isolation for most of the year and it can be so lonely at times. I have found my community in the Art Queens! It has been so inspiring to have a place to ask questions and share wins! I feel like I am constantly learning and growing in this group!"
Member of Art Queens
"Art Queens has taught me the importance of a community who rallies behind you and creates alongside you. I feel so grateful to the community of women that make up Art Queens and I am so excited to continue to grow together."
Member of Art Queens
“Since joining The Art Queens a few months ago, I have already made back my investment in art sales! I have learned SO much and have gotten the best support from the wonderful Queens. Founder Kat is the most genuine, thoughtful and engaged leader, and makes me feel at home in this amazing group of go-getter artists.”
Member of Art Queens
"While I've only been a member for a short while, the backlog of talks & resources alone was enough to reframe my art and business. The sense of community (especially the smaller break-off groups) are now an invaluable part of my practice. the value provided per month is unreal, and i'm certain I make back the monthly fee and more with what I learn!"
Member of Art Queens
"I am proud to be an Art Queen member. Since joining in Fall 2020, I have found this community and the sessions have been one of the reasons that I took the leap to be a full-time artist after many years of doing it as my side hustle. This diverse group of supportive queens have felt like a safety net through these last months."
Member of Art Queens
"Art Queens is a community that welcomes, supports, and nourishes the needs of all female artists. A judgment-free zone, this space is home to a growing library of practical knowledge and business solutions that expand daily."
Member of Art Queens
"Art Queens has taught me the importance of a community who rallies behind you and creates alongside you. I feel so grateful to the community of women that make up Art Queens and I am so excited to continue to grow together."
Member of Art Queens

A space where you can be you.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, educator, artpreneur, muralist or curator, introvert or extrovert, idealist or realist — whatever your background, you have a place here. You’re welcome, just as you are!