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Ekaterina Popova is an award-winning international artist, founder of Create! Magazine, certified master coach, and co-author of The Complete Smartist Guide and The Creative Business Handbook. She is passionate about empowering creators to bring their dreams to reality and guides her in coaching clients to step into their best life through applying subconscious reprogramming and practical mentorship.

She has supported countless creatives and founders and helped them create careers and lifestyles on their terms through her 1:1 coaching and group programs.

Ekaterina Popova is a Master Certified Coach

90 Days

Are you ready to build your own empire? Need help getting over a hump in your business? Navigating a challenge you just can’t seem to solve? Feeling like you’re in over your head? 

If you are ready to build or scale to a six-figure creative business, a three-month 1:1 creative business coaching program will help you get through your current challenges and outline your path to growth.

Each private session works to maximize growth by diving deep past surface-level hurdles. We’ll work from the inside to identify and address the root causes of why you feel stuck, before creating a cascade of systemic breakthroughs and fast, exciting growth.

Investment: $12,000 for 90 Days

VIP Breakthrough Day

Get results fast by dedicating a full day to your challenge.

Whether you’re stuck at a roadblock, at a fork in the road of life, or just need help figuring out what is next… it helps to have someone who has been there. You’ll tackle the tough questions and create an actionable, easy-to-follow roadmap for your future. Let go of limiting beliefs, set powerful goals and create an action plan.

• Intro assessment
• 90-minute call to review and build your itinerary
• Approximately 5-7 hours of coaching with a break
• 1 follow-up session

$10,000 for a full day experience

1:1 Artist Coaching

This customized 1:1 program is highly tailored to the visual artist and does not have a set template as every client needs something different – there is no one size fits all. Work on your personal goals or address the following:

• Generating more sales
• Attract and create opportunities
• Grow audience and collectors
• Polish your personal brand
• Show up with confidence

$2500 for five weeks

What makes an artist successful?

Proven Coaching. Life-Changing Results.