AQ Quarterly

We are thrilled to invite contemporary women artists and creatives to take part in a curated community project: a quarterly collectible catalog that will serve as a platform for displaying your remarkable creations.

Fueled by our passion for community, publishing, contemporary art, and creative entrepreneurship, this project unites extraordinary talent with the purpose of uplifting and amplifying fellow creators.

Volume I Contributors

Jen Dwyer
Jen Dwyer is a ceramic artist and mentor who currently lives and works in New York.
Sarah Stieber is a painter and designer known for her vibrant figurative paintings and murals.
Artist and Mentor
Painter and mentor known for mixed media contemporary figurative art.
Artist who uses psychedelic colors with bawdy scenes that envision a bacchanalia of modern life.
Artist and Designer
Visionary artist and designer renowned for Eaton House Studio.
Virginia Shepley
Abstract painter using line drawing and biomorphic forms as a visual representation of fundamental spiritual ideas.
Contemporary American mixed media artist.
Sharon Wensel
Curator, Author and Artist
Award-winning artist whose paintings are inspired by nature.
Jo Gamel
Jo Gamel is a multidisciplinary artist living in Philadelphia.
Artist and Art Therapist
Leah Guzman is a professional artist and Board Certified Art Therapist from Miami, Florida.
Jayn Anderson is an abstract painter based in North Carolina.
Sara Glupker is an award-winning painter who works out of her studio in Michigan.
Ceinwen Gobert is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist of mixed Chinese and Scottish heritage.
Gabriela Sepúlveda
Gabriela Sepulveda, a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a vibrant multidisciplinary artist.
Artist exploring geometric ornamentation.
Becky Lehoux
Artist and Coach
Becky Lehoux is an Atlanta-based artist and creativity/therapeutic art coach.
Geraldina Khatchikian
Artist and Designer
Geraldina Khatchikian is an Italian abstract painter and jewelry designer.
Joann Renner is an Expressionist painter from Pittsburgh, PA.
Lisa Butters is a North American artist with a passion for translating the beauty of the American West.
Margot (b. Takoma Park, MD) is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.
Loretta Oberheim is an award-winning artist from Long Island, New York, who is well known for her mixed media sculptures.
Mikaela Perry
Mikaela Perry (b. 1992, Vermont) is an oil and gouache painter.
Melissa Gile is a self-taught artist born in Seattle, USA.
Theresa Hong
Theresa Hong is an abstract painter and printmaker, born and raised in Maryland.
Rachel Le Roux
Artist and Architect
Rachel Le Roux is a British-Filipina multidisciplinary fine artist and interior architect.
Paulina Ree is an Oslo-based painter, educator, curator, and the founder of Female Artists Oslo (FAO).
Originally from Moldova, Volta adds vibrancy to food through illustrations and brings brands to life with live painting and memorable animations.
Kim Tateo is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring interconnectedness to ourselves, our environment, and the universe.